Images and thumbnails (Tutorial)


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May 25, 2016
This sub-tutorial will be a part of a serie of tutorials that will be displayed on the "Create thread" page

1. Thumbnails

Video Thumbnail Maker

Video Thumbnail Maker is a paid software, so if you want to avoid ugly free version watermarks please download this link below with both latest installer and crack executable

Video Thumbnails Maker - Download

Install it normally, right click on Video Thumbnail Maker shortcut, "Open File Location", and replace the original executable with the Crack on the installation folder

Click "options" and mark Video/Audio info checkboxes and config the template as you prefer

On the first window, click "Environment" and select the accepted file extensions, .ts isn't activated by default for example

Using Thumbnail Me 3.0

Thumbnail Me as the advantage of showing MediaInfo and custom text and it's quite simple to operate

Using MediaPlayer Classic (MPC)

In this dialog window I recommend 1280 px width and 90% quality JPG
As for the rows and columns, it's your preference

2. Images

Using MediaPlayer Classic (MPC)

You can use "Alt+i" keyboard combo

Quality 90, JPG